Hello! I can draw your original characters, character sheets, fanart or whatever you may need. See my samples and prices here.

Current Satus:



Headshot - $45Headshot - $45
Half body - $60Half body - $60
Full body - $80Full body - $80
Chibi - $50Chibi - $50

Price List

Head shot: $45 usd

Half body: $60 usd

Full body: $80 usd

Chibi (full body) $50 usd

* extra char or bg may cost extra

Payment Method: Paypal or Bank transfer

Sorry, I can not draw

- 18+ hardcore NSWF

(Am ok with softcore or ecchi)

- Mecha or heavy machinery

- NFT projects

How to Order

- Please send an email to me with what you would like (ocs, full body, chibi etc)

* References or pictures that resemble what you would like will help!

- I will review the request and get back to you to confirm the order.

- Please send the full payment (PayPal or bank transfer). Once I receive the payment, I will then start the sketch and commission process.

- I will update you with the progress at each step and you can provide any feedback you may have. Changes or adjustments are free to an extent.

- Once finished I will send you the hi-res png.

Terms and Conditions

Once we have agreed on the order, please send the payment through PayPal or bank transfer.

Illustrations are for personal use only and may not be sold or commercialized.

If used on your social site, please give proper credit if possible.

Please note that illustrations may by used on my or other sites for promotional/portfolio purposes.

Though rare, I have the right to decline or cancel the order for any reason. In this event, I will give a refund based on the stage work done.

Adjustments or changes may be done during the commission process, but no changes will be made once the final finished illustration is delivered to you.

Contact Me

All sound okay? Please email me at: