Be Mine

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Intro Characters

Be Mine is an online romantic comedy comic. The story revolves around a young high school girl named Kotomi. Feeling down after a failed “date”, she goes home depressed only to find her “old boyfriend” sleeping in her bed!?


Kotomi Takumashi

The heroine of the comic, Kotomi has a warm and friendly personality. Though a bit naive at times, she always tries to do what is right in her heart. At the start of the comic, she has a huge crush on Tezuya that gets the best of her at times.


Tezuya Suzuki

Tezuya is a friendly and patient guy that usually thinks rationally. He doesn't like to make others worry and so tends to hold back his true feelings often. He excels at academics and is a member of the student council.


Toshi Kamato

Toshi is Kotomi's childhood friend. He's a care-free type of person and usually never takes things seriously. Little is known about his family or past since he moved back. He likes to tease Kotomi a lot.


Miyuki Higara

Miyuki is very outgoing and is Kotomi`s best friend. She helps Kotomi and Tezuya become closer together. She likes to "collect" info on guys around her.It's unknown if she has someone she likes romantically, but she has been keeping a secret from Kotomi.


Kouta "K-Chan" Higira

Kouta is a teacher in training at kotomi's Jr. High School. He has a kind personality and likes to play instruments. He takes pride in teaching others and wants to become a full time teacher. He has a hard time letting certain things go. Kotomi’s nickname for him is “K-Chan”.

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