Neckname: afuji
Tools: Clip Studio Paint, SAI


Q: When will you update the comic? It’s been ages! I started it on a whim and for fun, but over the years the comic’s priority sort of took back-seat in my life. I hope to eventually finish the comic and I have learned a lot since starting it! I am incredibly grateful for all the readers and comments over the years! Thank you for taking the time to read this silly comic.

Q: Why do some Chapters have inconsistent artwork?

I uploaded the first few chapters in 2003, so the pages were not very legible and did not look clean. I've tried to clean up the lines and updated some of the artwork/lettering for the first few chapters. I tried to keep it to the similar original artwork in the chapter and you can see a gradual improvement for the art from Ch1 to Ch13… I hope! Ha ha.

Q: Where else can I find this comic?

I have uploaded the redrawn Chapter 1 so far on Tapas. I may also upload other “extra” chapters or short stories there in the future!

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