Novel cover for
Kanna from Miss Kobayashi-san's Maid
CozyCatto's OC
Miss Kobayashi-san's Maid fanart! ^^
Visual novel sprite sample
Collage of drawings from reddit and or twitter.
Character/Reference Sheet sample
Kouta, Miyuki and Kotomi
kotomi and Miyuki
Tezuya and Kotomi
Chibi MCs
Chibi Amber
Starla from Ukiyo comic
Toshi and Tezuya
Miyuki and Kotomi
Zenitsu and Nezuko
Cover for indy doujin group
For SpookyTheCat


Hello! My name is afuji. I like to illustrate and make comics. I hope you'll enjoy your stay! You can also find me at the below sites as well. Currently I am most active on my art twitter.

  • Art Twitter
  • Pixiv
  • Tumblr (not updated)
  • Deviant Art (not updated)

About Me

Nickname: afuji

Tools: Photoshop, Clip studio paint