Ch5 Notes


17.07.05 (Pgs 21 - 25)
    And so ends another chapter. *throws confetti* I suppouse it's obvious that it's not the last we'll see of Mako, Karin or Jiro. (who finally made another apperance in the comic! ...he was in the background of Ch3 when Mako showed up - wearing glasses XD) I hope the chapter was enjoyable~

29.06.05 (Pgs 19 - 20)
    heh. It's a lot of fun drawing Tezuya's sisters bickering with each other. ^^

17.06.05 (Pgs 13 - 18)
    These pages came out a bit differently than I had planned but I like them neither the less. I hope everyone got that it was Toshi saying the narritave on the panels and not Kotomi (pg15) He was saying her 'thoughts' for her... ^_^;; What exactly does Kotomi's father do for work you ask? Well, interesting enough...

*afuji makes a mad dash and runs away*

. . . . . .

03.05.05 (Pgs 11 - 12)
    A bit dissapointed that I couldnt be more creative with these pages and update with more. It's a really bad habit but I keep changing tiny details in the chapter without really thinking about it, as a result the future pages seem to suffer greatly. I always have an admiration to anyone who writes out their stories with scripts/dialog before drawing anything.

31.03.05 (Pgs 5 - 10)
    Haha. More Tezyuya and Kotomi squishyness. Originally I was going to have Tezuya kiss Kotomi in this chapter, but I decided against it at the last minute since he's already being so bold in his character (warming and opening up to her about his dad) I'm pretty satisfied with the results of the pages; esp in the last two pages with Toshi. You know me and my obsession with shiny hair... XD

01.02.05 (Pgs 1 - 4)
    It's already the second month of 2005!? T_T Boy does time fly by, seems like yesterday I started drawing comics in my spare time in grade school. I started Be Mine around 1999-ish and have been working on it for over 5 years now. Hard to believe really. Anyway, the first pages of this chapter introduces Kotomi's (overly protective) father in to the comic. I find it amusing how Toshi's bruises can magically be healed in the next few panels. The magic of comics.