Ch4 Notes


15.10.03 (Pgs 1 - 2)
    I found out how to use the screenworks tool in photoshop finally and am just dissapointed that I didnt know about it earlier! ^^ It's a fun filter to use. Also, I started inking these pages with my dip ink pens - which makes a big mess but it's also fun to work with.

03.04.04 (Pgs 13 - 22)
    Since I was working on a short stand alone comic last month in feb/march there wasn't any updates until now. So to make up for it I updated with 10 pages. *dies* I'm a bit disappointed in some of the panels and pages because I was rushing but am really pleased at how page 16, 20 and 22 came out. () Now if only I could always update like this...

06.27.04 (Pgs 23 - 27)
    I'm really not too sure what to say about the pages except that I want to try drawing more backgrounds and details to the characters. Maybe it's just me but in the last two pages Tezuya looks just a little bit different than before (?) I'd love to get more unique character designs for the comic, I sometimes feel like I just draw them all the same and you can't tell the difference between characters... :| maybe it's just me.

09.03.04 (Pgs 27 - 33)
    *dies from the shoujo-ness of it all* Chapter 4 will end soon, promise. XD

10.19.04 (Pgs 34 - 36)
    I hate it when I lose detail by resizing the pages~ >_<;; All that time inking the hair..!
Anyway... Oh, who is this mystery person talking to Toshi? (well, it's kinda obvious) But what exactly went on before Toshi started staying at Kotomi's house...!? Yay for secerts!

12.20.04 (Pgs 37 - 41)
    Chapter 4 is finally done! I'm happy I got to end this, and hope the purpose of this chapter was brought out as I intended it to be. One thing I think I should of made clear in the last few pages, the paper that Mr.Ota (the senior teacher) gave Kchan was an application form for Junan High.
    I wanted this chapter to be mainly focused on K-chan and kotomi's realtionship. Thus Kchan opening/ending with the chapter. As well as flashback scene in the middle of the chapter, so you know what happened when she confessed to him... (A painful and embarrassing moment for kotomi ^^;;;) as well as K-chan's feelings for her in general. He worries about her and even loves her but in the end it's because he feels a strong sense of responsibility as a 'big brother' to Kotomi. It's not to say that he doesnt feel this same way for Miyuki.. but that will most likey be explained a bit more in detail in a future chapter.
...okay, time to get working on ch5! ^^;;