Ch3 Notes

() Welp, the chapter is finally done. I originaly had a different ending in mind but changed it since this is more a humor/romance right now than any other gender. I plan to carry out my intentions that I had on this ending chapter later and save it for the future. I cant wait to show some angst and more emotion in my comic! (_) It'll be a challenge and a change from what I've been drawing so far.

Funny thing is that I dont remember when I started this chapter. The art changes (a lot?) so it's safe to say it might of gotten started last year? I mean, if you compare the way I drew Toshi in page 4 to the last page in 32 ... it's kinda a change? ^_^ ...I still have many things that I need improve on!

It's always nice to see many online comics, and during drawing this I got to see quite a few that I was really impressed with. It made me want to work harder on this little comic of mine, and I thank them for the inspiration. (you know who you are! )

- Afuji 15.10.03