Ch2 Notes

*Just so you know, these notes where created after I've done ch3, and not right after ch2. ^^;;

(_) I thought it was pretty funny on the first page where Kotomi actually 'flops' out of bed and rolls across the room. It was fun to draw too. Don't ask me why Toshi just suddenly wakes up when it's obvious he's fast asleep drooling in the previous page. *lol* We'll just say he has ESP or something.

You'll notice that I made a attempt at a detailed background of the school in Pg6! Much better than some photograph that I snatched off the internet. I remember slaving over that page because I wanted the bg to look decent.

The reference to Elegy in Pg21 isnt an actual anime in japan but a friend's (porku's) original manga. Named, of course "Elegy"... in the world of Be Mine, it's a hit anime series! ... while we're on the subject of that particular page - let me point out on the second panel that Tezuya's fingers look like spider legs that are holding on to the phone... Bwhaha. ()

Glay is just one of my favorite Japanese bands, and the lyrics on the last few pages are from the song 'Be with You'. Jiro, is the Bass for the band - and I named my character after him. He's not my favorite in the group though, I like them all equally. (^^)

- Afuji 15.10.03