Ch9 Notes


Noc.30.07 (Pgs 28 - 29)
    Even in the end of the chapter everyone's still not exactly sure what Toshi's thinking (There's no doubt Tezuya is nervous and unsure of his intentions) I've been leading up to Toshi's part of the story for a long time now so hopefully I can reveal clearly what's going on in the next chapter :3 (finally!)

Nov.24.07 (Pgs 26 - 27)
    I think Yuki Kure is a fantastic artist (Kiniro no corda mangaka) so I'm trying to adapt some of her style in to the comic recently but it's so hard! She does really wonderful flowly hair and pretty eyes... *sigh* I guess I'll just have to keep practicing.

Nov.18.07 (Pgs 24 - 25)
    I drew a turtle (kame) on Toshi's t-shirt after re-reading a old sport comic... There's one character in the story that seems to always have on an amusing t-shirt when he's practicing basketball. Can you guess which series I'm talking about!? Yes, it's SLAM DUNK! ^_^ Kogure isn't the main character (he's more a supporting) but I always found his character charming and his shirts halarious.

Nov.09.07 (Pgs 22 - 23)
    :D ahaha. Sometimes I have to remind myself that this IS a romance comic and it's OKAY to be drawing kiss scenes between characters. (Then later I have to remind myself to double check the page for spelling miskates...)

Nov.04.07 (Pgs 20 - 21)
    I'm always so amazed at how fast a week can fly by. I found my lucky pen a few days ago. Well, it's not really lucky or anything but it's my favorite to ink with. I really need more of these pens but can only get them in Japan x_x; Thank goodness I have relatives that live there that can get them for me XD;

Oct.27.07 (Pgs 18 - 19)
    I'm sorry for the rushed pages! ><; I- I dont really have too much to comment on these pages. I went back to dip inking but it's not too noticeable is it? It tends to bleed more because I can't control the tip of the nib very well. ^^;; oh well...

Oct.18.07 (Pgs 15 - 17)
    ...I think my face got red when working on these pages. And it's just a KISS too...-3-);; Anyway, that a side I think the pages came out alright. I've got to work more on my anatomy and side profiles

Oct.12.07 (Pgs 13 - 14)
    The layout is the same in these two pages but it wasnt after I inked that I really took notice ^^;; I was going to have Tezuya suggest they go to a manga cafe, since some do have a shower room for customers to use among other things... but I ran out of dialog space XD

Oct.06.07 (Pgs 11 - 12)
    First, thanks to everyone who has been awesome and filled out the survey online. It really helped me, since there are a lot of things that I felt I want to work on. I kinda regert bringing Mako in to the chapter but if anything I think that it helped to bring out Tezuya's protective side (?) toward Kotomi... ^^;;;

Sept.27.07 (Pgs 9 - 10)
    Sometimes when you think of someone they just appear right infront of you with out notice! I-it actually did happen once to me when I was out getting coffee- I was thinking about my old friend and how she used to like just plain dark (no milk/sugar) and I turned around and she was behind me in line. o_o It was werid!
Kotomi refers Mako as a senpai since he's a year her seinor. As you migh already know,'Senpai' is used to refer to someone who is of usually older and higher in status than you in Japan. Usually used in a working/school enviorment, Senpais are usually there to help 'guide' the hokai (the younger student) like a role model. They can still be someone's 'senpai' as long as they might keep touch with each other.

Sept.21.07 (Pgs 7 - 8)
    I went a little crazy with the tones, since I found a few online and wanted to test them out ^^;; I like the first two panels in page eight. I really want to try and draw with more of a shojo style! Sometimes I think the way I draw is very rough for a romance comic... I haven't read any shojo in a while (all I read now adays are JUMP titles like Gintama, One Piece etc XD)

Sept.16.07 (Pgs 5 - 6)
    I'm sorry for the late update this week ><; I got a little cold(?) this weekend and have been in bed a lot. There's so many things I think I need to work on for this comic, backgrounds for one thing...T~T;;

Sept.08.07 (Pgs 3 - 4)
    "I like your comic, and the newest pages rock! I like kotomi's boots." is a recent comment I got in my mailbox. XD Umm but she's not wearing boots in the pages! I hope there wasn't any confusion - she's just wearing high thigh socks and dark shoes (which I'm lazy to draw so I just merged them together) So yeah, no boots here... ^_^;; Kotomi's outfit is actually made up from the brand Blue East. I really like it but I'm not cute enough to wear such outfits XD

Aug.30.07 (Pgs Cover - 2)
    This chapter's going to focus a little bit more on Kotomi and Tezuya's relationship... with Toshi on the side? XD I guess you'll have to keep reading to find out. Orignally wanted to open the chapter with panels of Kotomi's house but ran out of time. (it's sketched out but not inked...XD;;) And I'm sorry that the last panel is hard to read, I scanned the pages in at a higher resolution so when I shrinked the pages down it made the text too small. x_x I think I'll just stick to a smaller res. next time.