Ch8 Notes


Aug.22.07 (Pgs 22 - 25)
    Whoo! That's the end of chapter 8! ...I'm not that pleased with the transitions on a lot of the panels - I hope it wasn't confusing from panel to panel! I think I could of done a better with the kiss and headbut scenes... I guess it's just something to keep working on for me. (I really need to work on kiss scenes... for future chapters! ^^;;)

Aug.17.07 (Pgs 20 - 21)
    It's been a hectic week! Sorry to leave everyone at a cliffhanger again XDD;;

Aug.04.07 (Pgs 17 - 19)
    MY computer went down AGAIN earlier this week. ^^;; These pages where fun to draw... I'm a huge sucker for romanctic(!?)/shocking shoujo moments...!

July.26.07 (Pgs 15 - 16)
    ... I got really lazy on these pages ^^;; B-but at least it's progressing! I'm almost done the chapter!

July.17.07 (Pgs 13 - 14)
    Just pretend that they have cool looking phones XD (I can't draw cells~) Well to be fair, it's cooler than MY phone that I have now. I can't even take photos with mine... T_T

July.10.07 (Pgs 11 - 12)
    Wouldn't you know it. I had these pages done before hand but my computer started acting werid the day I wanted to update. -_- My computer was getting fixed for a few days and when I got it back I had to rescan and do these pages~ so forgive me if the tones look rather plain.

June.28.07 (Pgs 9 - 10)
    Despite Jiro who keeps leaving Mako behind, they are a point, I suppouse. XD
I wonder what had caught Mako's eyes about Kotomi...?? The fifth update this month... I'm doing good!? oAo;; I'm really suprised myself! Thanks for all the feedback on the comic, it really helps me to be motivated and continuing!

June.18.07 (Pgs 7 - 8)
    I've never had the thought to put a rating on my comic but it would be PG13. (esp at the recent chapters 5-7) Even if for humor, there are themes that revolve and are connected to sex. Things involving Karin, the pervert on the train, some language in dialog used and so forth. I hope that it's not really uncomfortable for you guys. ^^;;

These pages where so much fun to draw, I love panels with Mako. Looks like Miyuki finally had enough of him and is fighting back too. For anyone unaware with the character in pg8 panel 5, Doraemon is a cat robot from the future. He has a fourth-dimensional pocket that he can grab invention/gagets out from thin air.

June.14.07 (Pgs 5 - 6)
    Toshi has things to reslove... ^^;; These pages actually went really smoothly and I'm having a lot of fun drawing them. I hope you guys enjoy the pages!

June.10.07 (Pgs 3 - 4)
    So people do read it! Thanks guys~ Because of the awesome feedback I've gotten after my last update I got really motivated and started working more on the comic. Now only if I can keep this up~! ^_^;; Drawing Kotomi's dad in the comic is really fun.

June.06.07 (Pgs Cover - 2)
    I think this is the first time that I've actually updated a chapter *with* a cover image (I usually leave the cover for later... *sweatdrop*) I just noticed that I've spent nearly a year or more on the last few chapters... My goal is to finish this chapter sooner! Or at least take less than a year~!! >_< haha but I dont even know if anyone reads this thing anymore...=3=