Ch7 Notes


June.05.07 (Pgs 28 - 31)
    I actually had these pages on my hard drive in March (ack! three months ago ;_;) ...looking back I can't believe how corny my comic is XD Well, it is a shoujo so I guess it's okay. I got a bit lazy while doing the tones for the past pages, forgive me. m(_)m

March.11.07 (Pgs 20 - 27)
    I was sad after drawing these pages because it's when I realized that my favorite brush pen is running out of ink. :( It's a really great brush pen that I got when I was in Japan for only 100yen at the dollar store - yet it's the ONLY brush pen that I find I like to use. I tried other ones but it's just not the same! Oh, woe...*sniff*
Pages 20-24 were done last few weeks and 25-27 all this week. I felt inspired while re-reading some shoujo manga again. I hope I can continue to be this inspired~ ...or at least enough to update more! ^^;; As always, any input/feedback/comments are welcome!

Jan.11.07 (Pgs 13 - 19)
    Well after a HUGE hiatus *6 months, eep!* the comics been updated. These pages were done a while ago but I never got the chance to edit/tone them... *excues excues* I totally abused the screentones again for these pages... oh, who am I kidding - I always abuse the screentones!!! XD
So yeah, Miyuki totally has the hots for Kchan. *insert surprised gasping here*

Jun.15.06 (Pgs 6 - 12 )
    Screentone overload in the last few pages...!!! ...but it was fun. *grin* I've got to get my bum in gear draw more pages~ >o<;;; Sorry for the long wait (2 months - ack!) I had these pages scanned in last month but never got around to getting them done till now.
I'm sorry for the akward pacing so far... I hope it's understandable ;o;

Mar.22.06 (Pgs 1 - 5 )
    Miyuki sure likes to glomp Kotomi from behind, huh? ^^;;
Starting chapter 7 off where chapter 6 sorta left off, going to try and resolve or at least explain more of Miyuki's feelings and actions. I haven't drawn Toshi in a while so it was fun to draw him in these first few pages. There'll be lots of Toshi in chapter 8, for people wondering. XD
.....*sigh* I couldn't really get these layouts in the pages to flow smothly... I need more practice. -w-;;