Ch6 Notes


17.02.06 (Pgs 19 - 24)
    I hope everyone now knows what Miyuki's been keeping from Kotomi now. (if it wasn't obvious enough XD)
The next chapter is where things start getting explained so please stick around for that - I hope I can do everything justice.

31.12.05 (Pgs 15 - 18)
    I rushed these pages to make the monthly (Dec) update I hate to admit. You can probally tell however, with all the cut/paste backgrounds XD; Welp, I'll just have to make it my new years resolution to try and work harder on the pages from now on... :[
Jiro's suppouse to be all cool and hardcore but I can't draw 'cool' characters so he's just ............whatever he is. You decide.

29.11.05 (Pgs 12 - 14 )
    A chikan. Not Chicken. The perverted dudes on the subways gromping a feel for younger women on the trains. Usually during rush hour, where it's most crowded. Even with the new 'women only' trains Japan takes pretty slow steps to stop such actions, where they should be putting more involvment in sloving the issue and giving out harsher punishments IMO. There have also been reports of males being victim to such acts.

14.11.05 (Pgs 7 - 11)
    Tried my best to update with more pages and trying out new things. I'm hoping to learn to tone down the digital tones with more contrast between black and white shading... erm, it's hard though. Esp. when it's just so easy to use digitones now a days. A reason that I never explained Japanese culture in my earlier chapters is because it was never brought up by anyone - if there's anything you don't understand or think would be best to explain then please let me know. :3 I might make a seaperate page with info if people are interested.

School years usually starts around April with three terms. There are short breaks which seperate them within spring and winter, and one long summer break. Junior high consits of grades 6-8 and highschool students of grades 9-12.

10.09.05 (Pgs 4 - 6)
    I had fun drawing the girl's crowd though it took a bit more time than usual. On page 4, the classroom says "Ichi-nen B-kumi" or rather "1st year, B class". (The year you're in and then the classroom) Usually high schoolers stay in the same class for the rest of the school year so sometimes it's a big deal weither you get your friends in your class or not. Unlike in North America, the teachers are the ones moving around from class to class teaching their area of study.

29.08.05 (Pgs 1 - 3)
    New school~ new uniforms! Kotomi and Miyuki are in High school now. It was hard to decide on what their new uniform for their school would be. I ended up designing it after a certain series's uniform that I thought was really cute. Kudos to you if you know what series I'm talking about. XD I had other designs that I'll most likey just use for Junan (the highschool K-chan teaches at now/Tezuya attends)