Ch13 Notes


2015.Aug.3 (Pgs 9~)
Long time no see! As you can see, I've updated the chapter and slit it in two paths depending on who you pick. If you pick Toshi, you'll go through his story but if you picked Tezuya then his. Of course you can just read both but I thought it would be interesting to have different endings.

I do plan to finish this comic, so I'd be honored if you'd stick around to read! Thank you so much!

2013.Nov.24 (Pgs 1-9)
For anyone that has continued with me on this manga for so long - THANK YOU SO MUCH. It's been so long since I started it, and I feel it would be a shame to just completely stop so I update when I can/feel inspired. With this chapter, I've decided to do something a little different... hopefully it won't be another year till the next updates!! ><;;