Ch12 Notes


2012.Dec.29 (Pgs 16-28)
So I can't thank everyone who is still here reading this enough. Really. Thank you for read this rarely updated comic >~<);;

Notes on the chapter overall? Well, I wanted to focus on Tezuya and his feelings towards Kotomi. Showing how he first met her. Nothing amazing at first, as might be with any first meeting .. sometimes you just don't know what will happen! They could end up your lovers, best friends or even enemies. ^^);;

I will be doing something a bit different for the next chapter and it will be rather short. In the future Id love to do a short comic in the extra section for Riki! He's a fun character to draw.

Hope everyone has a great winter holiday!

2012.Feb.07 (Pgs 15-16)
New pages! :3

2012.Jan.01 (Pgs 4-14)
HAPPY NEW YEAR! I quietly update. lol I'm not sure if anyone is still here