Ch11 Notes


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Feb.14.10 (Pgs 15-25)

    \(^o^)/ ...I just don't know anymore.

I-I-I mean I do - but at the same time I always question myself on everything. This comic has some sort of plot, I assure you.
Oh! On the bright side I finished this chapter in less than a year! ...though 25 pages in a year isn't saying much of my productive skills. B-but this comic is for fun! Don't throw things at me!? O-ouch! (((;w;))) *runs away*

July.23.09 (Pgs 9-14 +cover)
    Hope you'll forgive the pages, I'm not creative when it comes to comic layout. If you remember, this isn't the first time Setsuko makes an appearance in the comic. She's the same person who appeared in chapter 4 a long time ago, it feels nice to finally draw her again.

Mako Side (Pg 1-8): I wanted to draw something light hearted and funny for the donator's corner and this came to mind. He's always fun to draw, and it was great starting this chapter that's all about him! :D Get set for a small suprise next update on this chapter.

April.19.09 (Pgs 6-8)
    I'm really sorry...I got a bit lazy with these pages. I'm trying to move things along so we can get to the juicy bits of the story. Exploring Toshi's past and reasons why he's acting this way. I hope I can do a good job explaining everything~!

April.11.09 (Pgs 1-5)
    Let's see how long this chapter takes me. I'm aiming for less than a year. ^^;;