Ch10 Notes


April.04.09 (Pgs 27-32)
    After a long winter/fall hiatus, the comic is updated again! (as you can see...) Not much to say, but I hope you all won't hate Toshi. He has his reasons. I originally wanted to finish chapter ten by summer but SO MUCH FOR THAT. I-it took me two years since I started in dec07. lol *goes off to work on the next chapter pages*

Nov.25.08 (Pgs 20-23)
    I've been rushing pages since I want to get this chapter done as soon as I can. I feel like the dialog is going in a loop however >_<;; I wish I had the time to work on it! I'm sorry if the recent pages dont make much sense.

Aug.03.08 (Pgs 14-19)
    ^^;; I haven't much chance to get pages done but hopefully can get my inspiration/motivation back in to gear. I'm trying to force myself to try new things like page layout/poses since it always seem the same to me. I hope I can improve - it feels like I had more freedom to experiment earlier in the comic chapters. I wonder why...? I'm quite fond of the last panel with kotomi. It's fun drawing her hair in different styles.

May.23.08 (Pgs 9-13)
    ohh my gosh .....has it really been that long of a break? I apologize again for my unreliable update schedule. I can feel it when I worked on the first few pages of the update - I'm sorry the pages and artwork are horrible. >_<;; I try to do as much effort in to the comic as I can but recently I've been feeling a bit unmotivated... ah!! this is no good - I must get out of this slump! I'll try harder! Thanks for all the support ;o; I love you guys!

Jan.24.07 (Pgs 7-8)
    Kouta has no idea that Miyuki wants to be with him. He just thinks it's 'family bonding' so he accepts Miyuki's request simply enough. A tiny bit more tension between the Toshi and Tezuya... Rushed pages (>w<);;;

Jan.14.07 (Pgs 4-6)
    Sorry for the long delay! As guessed by Winged, Tezuya shows up! XD I actually did plan to have him arrive as soon as he saw the cell picture. It's sorta funny how all the pictures he has on his cell of Kotomi are of her and someone else. Although he does have one candid photo of her that Miyuki gave him (ch5,pg9) ^^;;

Dec.22.07 (Pg3 + cover)
    My computer has been EVIL to me the last couple of weeks. (It's only a few months old too! ;_;) It keeps freezing all the time and leaving me very frustrated and annoyed. I was only able to do one page today but will try for two again next week~ Updated with a proper cover though, trying my hand with traditional media again.

Dec.15.07 (Pgs 1-2)
    I'm taking liberties with the seasons and making it early summer. (when it's winter right now... ^^;;) We'll say that the festival they're attending is one of the first ones for summer but it's not exactly a tanabata festival. Well, no need to think about it too much~~~ (please dont. lol) Kotomi and Miyuki's yukata is pretty simple. There are a lot more elaborate ones out there in real life but I didn't have the time to find a pattern/nice tone print.